How to Record a Webcam Video


There are many reasons why you might need to record video on your computer. Webcam videos can be a quick and easy way to create content for social media platforms, websites, or video-sharing platforms like YouTube. In addition, webcam videos are often used as tutorials, reviews or vlogs. Whether you want to record laptop's built-in webcam, external webcam, DSLR camera or computer's desktop you can use SparkoCam for your task.

Select Your Webcam

Launch SparkoCam and activate the Device tab.

You can record from several types of devices: Webcam, Canon or Nikon camera, computer screen. To record video from a web camera activate the Webcam mode

webcam selection

Configure Video Recording Parameters

Before you start the actual recording, you can adjust the recording parameters.

Open SparkoCam Settings dialog by clicking a gear icon at top-right corner of the application

sparkocam settings

On the Recordings tab you can configure video location, file naming options and compression parameters

sparkocam recordings

SparkoCam can record webcam video to MP4 format or WMV. By pressing the Configure button, you can adjust encoding parameters: Video Profile, Video and Audio Bitrates

mp4 encoding parameters

Select Microphone for Recording

If you need to record audio along with the video, it is necessary to select an appropriate audio source from the drop-down list located above the preview section

microphone selection

SparkoCam supports three types of audio recording:

  • Single microphone device

    You can record your laptop's built-in microphone, webcam microphone or externally attached microphone

  • System sound

    Any sound or music reproduced by your computer will be recorded in the final video

  • SparkoCam Audio Mixer

    Allows recording several microphones at the same time.

    After selecting this option as an audio source, you need to open Audio Mixer tab on the left side of the application and press button to add required microphones to the list

    audio mixer

Start Recording

Press the record button on the toolbar to start the recording. At the bottom-right corner of SparkoCam you will see a timer indicating the current length of the recorded video

recording duration

You can also start and stop recording using a keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + F8.

Configure Count-down Timer

You can activate a timer to start the recording with a delay. Press a little arrow right to the Record button to choose a delay. When you press the Record button next time, SparkoCam will count down and start the recording at the end of the selected delay

record delay

How to Take a Webcam Snapshot

You can take a webcam screenshot using the Take Snapshot button on the toolbar. You can also access this function using a keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + F9.

The photo will be automatically saved to SparkoCam folder under your Pictures directory. You can configure this location on the Snapshots tab of the Settings dialog.

How to Find Recorded Videos

When the recording is finished, the file is saved to a preconfigured location and you can get a quick access to all recorded videos at the Gallery tab on the left side of the application window.

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